About Us

Bayview Painting is known in the San Francisco Bay Area for their high-quality work, and a commitment to careful excellence, bringing a sound investment to the client. Each project is given the care and attention to detail of the highest caliber that’s come to characterize their work.

Bayview Painting focuses on getting the job completed in a timely manner, while paying attention to the smallest details that other painting companies might miss.

“Our working philosophy is a dedication to precision and a commitment to transforming spaces beyond our client’s expectations”

Bayview Painting is exceptionally considerate of other people’s property and especially mindful of their surroundings. Every precaution is taken to ensure safety as well as protection of property and cleanup exceeding our clients’ wishes.

Founded in 1982 by craftsman and Master Painter Peter Dewey, Bayview Painting is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured green painting company. 

They are a leader in their industry for excellence in exterior and interior painting projects for commercial, business boutique, new high-end home builds, as well as quality residential painting. They take pride in their longevity and great reputation.

“Beautiful, well painted spaces can help us feel more productive in our workplace and more comfortable in our homes”

Bayview Painting offers detailed estimates for residential and commercial painting projects. They stand by their work with a written guarantee. Their trained crews are equipped to complete projects of any size with impeccable results.

Bayview Painting is one of the most sought-after green painting contractors in the Bay Area.

Spaces that withstand the environments and look fantastic require adherence to a perfected process. Our expert crews follow a precise method that is combined with high-quality products, trained specialized techniques, attention to color, detail, texture, and contrast to ensure every project meets our extraordinary standards.

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Reliable & Professional

Bayview Painting operates with one goal: to provide a forever result. We know that people are influenced by their spaces and that a beautiful interior and exterior helps to promote relaxation and comfort at home. We strive to help you create an environment that you love.

Founded in 1982 by craftsman Peter Dewey, Bayview Painting is known in the Lamorinda area for high-quality work, an eye for detail, and commitment to careful quality.

40+ years in business

Locally operated

Certified professionals

Workmanship guranteed

References available

Family owned

Perfect Results Guaranteed

We go the extra mile to ensure easy cleanup and an immaculate result, using thick construction paper to protect flooring and Frog tape to ensure razor sharp lines. For exteriors, we prep and pressure wash to ensure a clean and even application.

Our team is equipped to complete projects of any size. We take precautions to ensure safety and sanitation. We look forward to hearing from you.

We paint each home and business as if it were our own, focusing on the small details and minor imperfections that other painting companies might miss. We believe that our work speaks for itself, and you will like what it has to say. If you are interested in receiving an estimate or would like to discuss a specific job you have in mind, please provide us with any relevant details such as a basic description of the painting project and your desired completion time frame. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.
Peter Dewey