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Peter’s journey as a professional painter began in high school when he graduated early to join the San Francisco Painter’s Union.

He learned from Master European craftsmen, while working on some of the city’s elaborate homes and buildings. In 1982, after his apprenticeship, Peter decided to start his own business. Thus, Bayview Painting is born.

We at Bayview Painting are known in the San Francisco Bay Area for our high-quality work and an unmatched commitment to excellence, giving our clients peace of mind that they’ve made a sound investment.

We are very proud of the reputation we’ve built and our longevity in the marketplace.

“Our working philosophy is a dedication to precision and a commitment to transforming spaces beyond our clients’ expectations.”

Our Focus

Interior and exterior painting for existing luxury residential, new high-end construction, and commercial properties, including “boutique” business spaces.

How We Work 

  • We pride ourselves on attention to even the smallest details of a project, which saves clients time and money in the long run.
  • We are exceptionally considerate of our clients’ property and surroundings. Every precaution is taken to ensure safety as well as a protected and clean environment.
  • Our crews undergo extensive training in our proven process and specialized techniques for completing projects of any size with impeccable results. They are trained with attention to color, detail, texture, and contrast, to ensure every project meets our high standards.

“Bayview Painting is one of the most sought-after painting contractors in the Bay Area.”

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Working with us, you will find that we are willing to help you develop your talents and skills as far as you’d like to take them. 

We provide a safe and supportive environment to our team that’s conducive to productivity and excellence. 

At Bayview Painting, our team is an extension of our family. We are here to listen to you and do our best to meet you where you are. 

We value honesty and open communication. We care about you and want to see you succeed.

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