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About Bayview Painting

Bayview Painting was founded in 1982 when Peter Dewey turned his passion for painting into a business.

In nearly 40 years since then, he’s taken on thousands of projects and given each one the care and attention to detail that’s come to characterize his work. At the foundation of Bayview Painting’s working philosophy is a dedication to precision and a commitment to transforming spaces into places of comfort and beauty. 

We work on well-established, high-end homes in and around the Lamorinda area, and expect everybody to perform at a higher level and be on their best behavior. 

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Working with us, you will find that we are willing to help you develop your talents and skills as far as you’d like to take them. We provide a safe and supportive environment to our team that’s conducive to productivity and excellence. 

At Bayview Painting, our team is an extension of our family. We are here to listen to you and do our best to meet you where you are. We value honesty and open communication. We care about you and want to see you succeed.

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